A quick caffeine-fueled note between things

Tonight’s procrastination is brought to you by a caffeine-fueled whip through specific scenes of Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix, as I’ve taken it into my head to make my first-ever fan vid. Also marking sonnets at the same time. And thinking about the field trip in three days (eeeek!) and all the things I have yet to do for that.

So I probably shouldn’t have had coffee at 8:30, but at present, I’m not close to wilting, although I could get sleepy if I wanted. But I need to finish catching up on things, and I’m still a bit buzzy — I might even get another set of assignments done before I hit the sack!

At this time of year, I’m extremely envious of those of my peers who have decks, patios, and comfortable outdoor seating. It’s rather painful to have to sit indoors to do my marking when the sun is warm and the air is sweet, before the waves of mosquitoes and blackflies begin. I tried going picnic-style on Sunday, with a blanket on the ground, and after a half an hour or twenty minutes my back protested so much that it’s not likely to happen again. I do have some lawn furniture — a couple of plastic chairs — and a folding table, but none of them are comfortable for long. These days, I almost feel like it’s better just to stand.

Ergonomics are a bitch for tall people.


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