School trip, Day 2

Footsore and weary but feeling pretty good about my students’ experience here at Ottawa ComicCon. A few were completely bowled over today and had a ball, start to finish, while a few communicated some disappointment in the limited variety of non-shopping things to do. However, everyone has agreed that it’s been a good time. And everyone is wiped out. 

I do wish I’d had the energy through the day to document all the amazing things we saw, that kids did or said. It’s all a blur at the moment. Our photos will help to tell the tale, though.

Early(ish) to bed tonight for a not-as-early start in the morning, plus loading the bus for a quick getaway at the stroke of five. This time tomorrow night, we will be on the road again. I wish I had more pics to share today but I won’t be able to get them off my camera until Monday at the earliest. Until then, enjoy this shot of me in my costume, with my daughter’s Adipose.


2 thoughts on “School trip, Day 2

  1. B.J. Baye says:

    That’s what I hated the one time I went to Toronto Fan Expo about… wow, 13 or 14 years ago. Time flies. Anyway, except for the Battletech tournament I actually attended to con to take part in, there seemed to be little other than shopping or lining up for autographs (which, unfortunately, I didn’t have time or money for that year) to do. I really miss the old Toronto Trek/Polaris conventions. There were /always/ things to do, panels going on and big presentations on the main stage. I actually had to choose hours with panels I didn’t mind missing just to find time to wander the dealer’s hall or line up for autographs.

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    • It’s still like that — I missed a couple of presentations I really wanted to see, some by not watching the time and others overlapped. The main hall is overwhelming, but it helps if you are looking for something specific. I like getting autographs, but I have to be choosy with costs. You’re right, though, that more participatory events would be good. Free samples, too.


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