Pulled back and stretched taut

I think I’ve hit a limit of some kind this week. I feel like a stretched elastic. The excitement and stress of the field trip, followed by a full week of classes, going and going and going… Meanwhile the garden needs doing, the house isn’t cleaning itself, and I am in great need of silence. 

That’s one of the pitfalls of my job: sometimes I just can’t talk or listen anymore after the end of the day. I’m done in, drained, worn out, used up, but I still have my own children to look after. Thank heavens I have an understanding partner — we’ve been tag-teaming the kids ever since our first was born.

So why is it I can never feel like I’m doing or have done enough? That I’m still failing at certain parts of being a parent and a housekeeper, even knowing that I’m human and have limits? The constant barrage of guilt and self-recrimination… It’s still there, especially after something good happens. 

Maybe I’m just overthinking because I’m so exhausted. Early to bed tonight.

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