On catching up with regular life…

Mentioned to hubby today that I wish I were more self-sufficient. Better at recycling (sadly, there is little evidence that our municipality does anything with our recycling, save storing it at the landfill) — I’d like to be better at repurposing, doing things with the stuff I’ve saved for the reason of making crafts and whatnot, making my own paper and improving my garden, etc. 

All of that requires me to get off my ass and DO . . . when all I want after work every day is to crash. 

Case in point: I’d planned to do so much with my day today, cleaning out the garden beds or tidying up the clutter indoors, and I got none of it done. I slept or snuggled with my hubby for most of the day, which felt good after so many stressful days in the past few months, but also left me feeling guilty. 

Tomorrow, there must be no laziness. I’ve got a play read through at noon, and it would be nice to head to that with other chores accomplished. 

I wish that I could get one of those professional organization shows to come up here. That would be so cool.


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