Victoria Day Weekend 2015: Comedy of Errors, Classic Cars, and Campfires

Many of my fellow Canucks will have retreated to cottages this weekend, opening up and airing out for the summer season. And they’ll be enjoying 2-4s (six-packs of brew), fireworks, evening campfires responsibly extinguished — having a generally good time ushering in the start of summer.

Because that’s really what May 2-4 is about — it began as a celebration of the good Queen’s birthday, in gratitude for being granted status as a nation rather than a colony, but now it represents the end of spring and welcomes in the heat of the growing season in its fullest. Even if we are still susceptible to frost around here…

Now, I’m not a beer drinker, nor do I have a cottage, but I am enjoying my weekend with both planned events and spontaneous happenings:

I attended the first rehearsal for LaSalle Production’s Shakespeare in the Park performance, “The Comedy of Errors”, in which I will be portraying Aemelia, the Abbess. 

I discovered that the local classic car collectors had gathered at the local mall — a sure sign of summer, when the collectible vehicles come out to play!           

I got the lawn mower out and accomplished a half hour’s worth of attack on the grass before engaging my son in the effort. He did well, but he accidentally locked the mowers — both of them — in the shed afterward, and we don’t know where the key is…

My hubby bought the makings of s’mores and we had a lovely long campfire. Our neighbour joined us for a chat, the boy scared me TWICE, sneaking up on me in the dark, Bridget used a star gazing app on my iphone to find and identify constellations, and we picked out Jupiter as well as three satellites. I also saw an actual shooting star, a first for me!     

While I didn’t get my cleaning done (yet), or start my gardens, I had barbecued jumbo hot dogs for the second time this week. And ice cream.

Tomorrow (crap, that’s technically later TODAY), we are taking the kids to FINALLY see Avengers: Age of Ultron. 

It’s a good long weekend.

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