A little more on 3-D Printing! Featuring: Injection Molding Company, aka 3d-printing.ninja

Hey! My family and I like watching “How It’s Made” and other origin-type videos, and seeing as I’ve had an interest in 3-D printing of late — take a look at this video about 3-D Injection Molding: 

I was recently interviewed by Injection Molding Company, which is how I obtained the link to the video — take a look at my responses here.

I keep thinking about the possibilities of this technology, both for personal use and professional development. Going to look into how teachers are making use of 3D printers in their classrooms, and what writers can do to apply it in their professions. Like printing unique / one-of-a-kind bookmarks, hardcovers for paperback books that are personalized to the author in some way, and commemorative book plates, maybe. Or hollowed-out bookends that you can fill with sand to make them heavy.

In the classroom, I could see making medals or commemorative plaques to honour students for different things, because buying awards can be a frustration. Sometimes I really want to give someone a medal or a trophy for achievement or making dramatic improvements, but trophies are expensive or else too cheap to be worthwhile. And certificates are the same. Plus, I’ve started doing gaming competitions and tried making my own plaques — totally not as good as 3-D printing one. And imagine being able to 3-D print identification tags or bracelets for field trips! Actually, I’m not sure how that would go over with teenagers . . . but it could work, if not as an identifier then as a souvenir.

What are your thoughts? How do you see writers and teachers using 3-D printers in the future?


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