Return of the soccer mom!

My son missed the first game of the season on Monday for karate (brown belt grading for his white stripe is coming soon!) so this evening he played for the first time this summer. It was a great game! He ran, he interfered, he kicked, he passed, and he scored the last goal in the game! And his team won, which was nice.

Then there was me. I’m just such a treat as a soccer mom. So classy. Got my folding chair, my sun hat, my coffee and my pop. I had my hands full with all of these plus my purse, so a nice lady hopped down off the bleachers to help me unfold my chair.  I also had my supper, a chicken burger from Timmie’s, that I wolfed down as quickly as I could while still cheering for the kids.

It occurred to me halfway through the burger that I should probably chew and swallow my food before going “Wooo!!!” and “Good job!”. But by then I’d already been at it. So . . . I just kept going.  So classy. At least this year I know most of his teammates’ names. And some of them are my students, which gives me a nice connection for the classroom.  Next game, I’ll have to try not to eat and cheer at the same time. And bring colouring stuff for Missy.

And bug spray, unless the Shoofly Soap I ordered comes in before then. And my camera — the next section of Jack’s soccer album has begun.

From the early years:

And today!


Sorry, you might have to squint! Jack is left of centre, in blue jersey and black shorts with white stripes.


A bit of a better shot! Not bad for an iPhone, but I’ll be happier when I bring my Nikon. Hello zoom lens!


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