Familiar battle reignites: burn the candle at both ends or save the wick?

I am always so torn at this point of the year between pushing myself to get the mass of marking and comments on final assignments done in the night, and playing it safe to have energy for running my classroom the next day. It’s even more risky to push myself like that now because in addition to setting up exams and doing the last marks before exams, I’ve also got my lines in the play to consolidate in my brain (I’m sooo close on those!) and rehearsals tomorrow evening, Tuesday night, and the preview performance the night after that, and then the run of shows begins . . . 

So I suspect that I should just pack in the three or four essays I’ve marked so far, get up early and keep at them throughout the day, as well as reviewing my lines whenever I can. Wish I didn’t have to sleep. Everything would just be easier.


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