Projects upon projects

Even though there isn’t enough time for me to get everything done that needs to be done, tonight I did good things. I helped our young actors in Shakespeare in the Park to memorize their lines, enduring the blackflies and mosquitoes with liberal sprayings of Off Skintastic. Even though we didn’t get to my scene, I got further into memorizing my own lines. But the overall feeling — we had our full cast in the park, working together, and it was awesome. 

Meanwhile, I still have marking and I have to write up the exams for this week. Etc., etc. My son is off on his weeklong field trip, and his sister misses him badly tonight. We’re loaning our piano to the production so that has to be cleared off and a path made to the door for the movers to come and get it.

Therefore, I’m being a little bit lazy tonight. Relaxing. Doing not much of anything. Storing up my energy for tomorrow’s run of chaotic stuff. 

Have a good evening. 


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