Survival Tactics for the Final Weeks

The last day of classes has come and gone, and exams begin tomorrow. 

I should be feeling some relief but my job is far from over, and the pressure continues . . . 

In previous years, I’ve spent the last two weeks swamped in marking. I’m still swamped, but I’ve chosen to participate in this play, to unwind a little in Shakespeare, although it’s not really unwinding in a sense — I’ve only put more on myself by doing this. And it’s not like it’s helping me a whole lot at work; I ended up having a crying fit this morning in the CYW’s office after a run-in with a disrespectful student, and I’ve got a persistent tightness in my upper left shoulder and the left side of my neck that I’m fairly certain is stress. Maybe some strain, too, from carrying the bags of marking around that I convince myself every night I’m going to get done . . .

But damnit, in spite of the time commitment and the bug bites, I’m having a fantastic experience attending rehearsals and learning my lines, playing a part in a show with awesome people. I’m doing something for me that will be over in two weeks. I think it’s doing something good amongst all the demands. 

Here’s my backstage view — it’s riddled with caterpillars and swarming with blackflies, mosquitoes the size of your thumb, and itty-bitty no-see-imd, some of which were off-put by my liberal application of that Shoo-fly soap from Blackberry Creek (tomorrow I may have to bring it with me, as well as a bottle of water, or a backup bottle of Off Deep-Woods). 


See that little path leading up to the rocks? That’s where I get to make my entrance!


Pretty much the same shot, but isn’t the lighting nice in this one?


I’m hoping that the crew will be able to put a roll of carpet down here, though — I’m a bit worried about tripping.


There’s trouble brewing under that hat!


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