Bridget discovers the secret life of her stuffed snake

One of the projects I offered my Writer’s Craft students was to carry an inanimate create around for a week and blog about its adventures. The previous WC teacher had done this with a garden gnome named Angus, but at the time that we had started the project, I hadn’t yet found my Gerome, nor were any available in local stores, so I substituted my raven from Hallowe’en (Professor McGonicaw), and my daughter’s snake stuffy (Professor Snakeus), and gave the students their choice. 

The stories are fabulous. 

The creatures came back permanently this week, and my little Bridget spotted her snake in my classroom. She was highly affronted that I had taken it without permission. 

Below, you see her reaction upon being told that her toy has been on adventures, journeying as far afield as Halifax! 




Heh heh heh . . . Wait until I show her their stories! And the photos . . .


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