The journey home…

On the road shortly after 6 am this morning — I have completed another 14 hours of driving. My eyes are rebelling. My driving foot (heel and ankle) is stiff and sore, and just a little bit numb. Not home yet, either, but nearly there and bunking down in a nice motel to avoid an unfortunate encounter with a moose or a deer or a bear.

All entirely worthwhile. 

After a nice breakfast with a new friend (hugs, Chris!), I set out for the border and made it in good time. Bought wine and soaps for my parents and lotions for me at the Duty-Free, and then headed for Montreal.

I had time to go sandal-shopping at a gorgeous mall (got some clothes, too), and had lunch in a little park . . .

And then headed for the Cosmodome to pick up my son. I think he grew while he was there — and not just in his interest and experience!

And Then . . . He and I went to explore the Old Port of Montreal! Just for an hour, but very fun.


And then we left the crazy highways of Montreal behind . . . From 6 to 10 we headed north. Another four hours tomorrow and we will be home. 

A good day to begin the end of a wonderful week.

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