I’m not beating the heat — I’m joining it

Ah, the insistent song of the runaway cricket . . . As I sit here soaked in sheets of sweat, a little cranky because even my fingers are sticky but extremely thankful that I’m not bundled in layers of sweaters and fingerless mittens and thick socks and slippers as I do when it’s -40 outside — no, actually, that’s it. That’s all that’s on my mind.

My house is not air conditioned, but for my daughter’s bedroom on the second floor, and we still haven’t put screens on the damned windows where they’re needed, or put in the screen door that we acquired last year. So however lovely the cool night air might be, it’s not hitting me right now. And the minute I step outside, I become a moveable feast for the f*@king mosquitoes. Makes campfires and nighttime outdoor rituals a bit of a nightmare. Sometimes I try to bear it, but then I’m like, nope.

But even though I’m dripping and the air feels thick, I’m actually loving this. Like I said, it’s not -40! I’m not layered up to my ears (and occasionally, my eyeballs!)! I feel like I am part lizard, basking in the glory of the heat.

Because as all things are, this is temporary. It’s a summer heat wave, and we have it relatively easy in northeastern Ontario — I know it’s bordering on hellish in so many other parts of the world, that others are suffering water shortages and I’m in a place with plentiful fresh H2O. And I’m not dealing with a baby with heat rash or trying to nurse while I’m sweaty (been there, done that). No major health problems. I am grateful.

And I was productive today! Yesterday I will admit to indulging in an afternoon Netflix binge, but today I cleaned out my fridge (thought I’d missed garbage pickup but happily, I didn’t!), caught up on dishes, got the teenager to mow the lawn (in stages, so he wouldn’t get heat stroke), and ran an errand. Trimmed my dog’s nails, too. Plus, my daughter tried her bike again, of her own volition, and actually got the hang of it a few times!

Still, there’s always that slightly nagging feeling lurking about my shoulders that I haven’t done enough. I haven’t tackled the living room / dining area yet, or finished moving crap to the tent. I have yet to sort and distribute the laundry. There are number of small one-time-only tasks I have yet to complete, like writing up a synopsis (or finding the original) for Wind and Shadow to complete a contest entry, posting an autograph of Paul Wesley I got at ComicCon on Ebay, and doing a tally of my current stock of trilogy books so I know how many to order of Book 3, and then putting that order in. The couch cushions need repairing (next time I buy a new couch, I’m totally investing in a decent protective cover against child spills and animal barf) and the covers put back on, the kitchen cupboards need wiping out and purging, the bathroom cupboards need organizing, and so on. Plus I need to research my next writing project — the creepy dollhouse is taking on a life of its own! — and polish the snowmobiling story for submitting (and decide whether to use my current nom de plume or use my legal name or come up with a different pseudonym) . . . And there’s setting up a new order of business cards and swag materials to market Crystal and Wand, and oh yeah, that’s needing a release party still . . .

When you’re this sweaty, though, and the air is thick as soup, maybe there isn’t much else to do than what’s absolutely necessary. There’s a reason why people in the extremely warm countries slow down for siestas in the hottest parts of the day. As much as I enjoy basking, trying to be productive in this is simply maddening.

Hope you are handling your part of heat wave well, my friends. Keep cool, stay hydrated, take care of yourself and the vulnerable segments of the population. We’re all in this together.

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