The journey home…

On the road shortly after 6 am this morning — I have completed another 14 hours of driving. My eyes are rebelling. My driving foot (heel and ankle) is stiff and sore, and just a little bit numb. Not home yet, either, but nearly there and bunking down in a nice motel to avoid an unfortunate encounter with a moose or a deer or a bear.

All entirely worthwhile. 

After a nice breakfast with a new friend (hugs, Chris!), I set out for the border and made it in good time. Bought wine and soaps for my parents and lotions for me at the Duty-Free, and then headed for Montreal.

I had time to go sandal-shopping at a gorgeous mall (got some clothes, too), and had lunch in a little park . . .

And then headed for the Cosmodome to pick up my son. I think he grew while he was there — and not just in his interest and experience!

And Then . . . He and I went to explore the Old Port of Montreal! Just for an hour, but very fun.


And then we left the crazy highways of Montreal behind . . . From 6 to 10 we headed north. Another four hours tomorrow and we will be home. 

A good day to begin the end of a wonderful week.

Tomorrow begins early . . . 

. . . A long day’s journey to home. First stopping to pick up the boy, of course! His nightly calls have reassured me that he’s having a great time, although the younger boys are testing his patience a little. And his sister has been having a good time with her grandparents, fishing and sewing and going to the movies, in the middle of missing the rest of us. 

And I? I am refreshed. I will deeply miss the sound of the waves as I fall asleep, and the morning sunlight on the trees and grass along the shoreline. But that is also the point of vacation — it is short and gone too quickly so we appreciate the journey and the experiences all the more. 

glad I came: a poem

Belly laughs until the tears are falling

Splashing in rolling frothy waves

Board games in the waning light

Floating in tubes along the glistening sunset waters

Lunch in the shade of elms and oaks, talking

Movies in pyjamas

Sharing space companionably

Dares and stories and memories…

Sleepovers are not only for children,

And vacations are not couples-only.

When two friends meet for days of R&R

Even Nature smiles.


Road trip! 

 Months after first introducing the teenager to the idea of space camp at the Cosmodôme in Montreal, we have completed the first leg of the journey! 

Tonight we are staying at my parents’ house, an hour and a half south of home, and tomorrow morning he and I will set off early for the 8 hour drive. Meanwhile, his little sister will stay with her Poppa and Grandma for the week while he’s at camp, and I get to visit my dear friend Tara only four hous away from the city!

So I’m going to be across the border hanging out in the world of Latham’s Landing for the release of Crystal and Wand next week, which means I’ll put the online release party together the week after.

I’m wondering whether it might be possible to write a whole new novel over the course of my five days (four plus a bit) of away-vacation. I know that some people can do it in 72 hours (there’s actually a contest every September for that!), so theoretically it’s possible. But I also need to use some time to start contacting reviewers who previously read Wind and Shadow (and Blood and Fire, some of them) to inquire if they would like to see how the story of Ravyn and Charlotte ends. That’s going to require coordinating and comparing my past emails with the records of the reviews on Goodreads and blogs, a job that would be much easier if I had my laptop (little tear) . . . Still, a journey is like a journey is like a project — each begins one step at a time. Or, in my case, one email at a time, in the company of a friend (and within the limits of my data plan).

So for those of you who have read the first book(s) of The Talbot Trilogy and given me a review, I thank you so, so much for your patience! I hope to be in contact with each of you lovely reviewers within the next few weeks. It’s time for the cliffhangers to end, the answers to be revealed, and the final battles won!