999 words written for a flash fiction challenge

I’m very pleased. I’ve winnowed out an interesting tale, using the three elements required in the contest rules, and I’m happy with my tale. Can’t ask for more than that, now can we?

Sharing will have to wait, though, until the contest is over. Kind of frustrating, really, because I like putting my bits and odds up here for you to see. 

Feeling positive about today. I’ve completed that, and fixed my couch cushions, even putting back the three springs my dog had ripped out and sewing them back into place. How long they’ll last is another question, but at least now the couch looks like a proper place to sit again. I’ve also covered the cushions with thick sheets to see if that won’t help to protect them for a while. Seems like we can never have nice things . . . 

I’m also feeling like it will be possible to put shelves up, if we are wise and careful. What if, for instance, we simply bought some uncut sheets of paneling or mdf or whatever and bolted them to the wall, with shims to ensure they’re level, and then attached the L-brackets to that? I think it could work, but then again, I’m no carpenter. 



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