From finding a missing book to the search for storage solutions

It’s called Assholes: A Theory, and I was missing it for a good two months. 

Strangely enough, I’m having as much trouble getting through it as I did before. 

It’s a good book, more like a treatise than anything else, with each chapter reading essay-style with footnotes that  sometimes take up almost half a page. I find the examples to be most helpful, because the formal / clinical language is confusing at times, or off-putting. I’m not sure why. Makes me practice doing my own annotations, though — I’m just taking my time with it, highlighting as necessary, making notes in the margins here and there (although up to the point I lost it, only in highlighter, so I’ll have to go back and remedy that with a pen or a pencil), and reviewing chunks or paragraphs when I start to feel lost. 


quick aside: WHY is it I cannot manage to keep my book covers clean and tidy these days? 

Glad to have found it, though. Might be time to go through my library again, marking or setting aside the books I haven’t yet read. I did have them organized like that a few years ago, but then bookshelves got moved, and moved again when I used one for a set piece in a play, so everything got mixed up. It might be better to wait until I’ve actually replaced my bulky living room pieces (TV cabinet and an old glass-front bookcase) with real shelves. 

I know it’s a terrible cluttery mess right now, mainly due to lack of effective storage (no basement and few closets), but picture it with seven, eight, or even nine shelves on that wall, cleverly cut and arranged to fit the TV and hold the lizard tank. I know hubby likes the glass cabinet (he considers it “his” because I’ve got my Gran’s old glass cabinets for my treasures and collectibles, on the other side of the room — the one doesn’t really match anything, while the other is part of our vintage dining set), so it could stay if I could move it to the short wall and make it part of a computer desk set-up. 

I would like to keep books behind glass, particularly my vintage and antique copies of Shakespeare. But I also need a desk with a rising surface for standing while I type. I find, when I’m trying to get things done and multitasking, sitting in the wheely chair is more of a deterrent because it’s hard to get in and out of, whereas if I’m moving around the room, back and forth between cleaning and reading and writing and so on, standing would be much more convenient and better for me in general. Maybe I could put the glass cabinet on that wall, fashion a desk in front of it, but also add the standing desk to the right, where our current desk is sitting. 

You can’t see it in these photos, but the glass cabinet doesn’t have its own stand — it rests on an extremely ugly 1970s or 80s wood dresser. So ANOTHER thought I’ve been turning over is going to the local second-hand building supply store to find some old kitchen cabinetry that might fit better underneath and as part of a shelving scheme. In fact, it would be perfect to find cabinetry that could go the length of the wall, too, and become a base for the shelving, plus be concealing storage. I wouldn’t mind if it doesn’t all match in style, so long as the heights and widths work and I can paint everything to match. 

Oh, if only I could get away with one of these ideas . . . 

That last one has potential with the glass cabinet we have, but still, we need a desk.

Love to do something like this, found on

Or, I could just keep drinking wine and save up the bottles for this great idea from

I’m half tempted to try using ladders, but I’m not sure they would suit my particular style, which swings between or combines romantic / rustic with novel / Addams family. 



Because if I want to keep my books clean, their covers unstained and undamaged, sorting what I haven’t yet read from those I have enjoyed over and over, plus keep safe framed photos and paintings and all our assorted knick knacks and collectibles, I’m going to have to do something, soon. What we’ve got just isn’t working, even with the effort of decluttering. 


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