Beardie Lost and Found

I, like many bearded dragon parents, like to let my lizard have time to roam. It’s adorable to watch her explore. Gives her some room to stretch her legs, too. 

But every now and then, when I’m tired (like today), I lose track of her. 

Today, she played hide and seek with us for four freaking hours! 

I searched all her usual hiding places, and then started on the UNusual ones. And then my kids had their back-to-school hair appointments, so I had to leave her in hiding for forty minutes. 

Got back and had picked up the spouse at work, so he helped to search for her, too. Check all the spots again. I put lamps on or near the floor to lure her to the heat. Made supper. Had wine, because I’m trying to reduce how much pop I drink, and damned if the wine didn’t lead me into a nap. 

Woke up and had a thought: what if the little stinker had come into the bedroom (which we’d already checked), but had gone deeper than we’d suspected? My husband has a swamp of clothing, magazines, boxes, and other assorted crap in front of our open closet (no doors), in which we have a bureau. From a lizard point of view, it’s a fun-sized mountain leading to a cave! 

And that’s where I found her. 

So, I have confirmation that I need to keep cleaning not just for me, and for cleaning’s sake (you know, health and sanitation), but also to give our little reptile a safe place to play AND to be easily found. 

Maybe I should get one of those phone/key finder tabs and make her a collar . . .

One thought on “Beardie Lost and Found

  1. tarafoxhall says:

    Such a good tired little dragon! 😃


    Liked by 1 person

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