Breaking Bad Habits & Fears

Had a lovely evening with friends, checking out their new property outside of town, enjoying a tasty barbecue and chatting around the fire. I’m so happy that they’ve found their dream home. 

It’s not always easy to make time for friends when you’re parents. And because it’s hard, sometimes you fall into a pattern of being home-bound. I’ve been making an effort since January to get out more, and hopefully, getting together regularly with friends will start happening, too. Good for my mental health, good for the kids, good all around. I think it’s important, too, for hubby and I to cultivate friendships with other couples. The struggle is making the time, especially after work days are over, which are now on the horizon. 

At the same time, getting out of the house to be social when you’ve been in a rut can be kind of scary. I feel like my conversational skills are rusty. And I feel bad when I consider how much time has passed since I last had a good conversation or visit with certain friends. We aren’t all at the same stages with our families, and that can make getting together difficult, too — at least, it did for me when my kids were younger and I had more struggles with depression and anxiety and exhaustion than I have now. 

So it means a lot to rekindle a friendship that had been on a back burner, and to have an open invitation to return. The challenge for me now is to avoid falling back into the old habits, the familiar and safe but unhappy rut of bouncing from home to work and back again, by actually going to visit instead of constantly promising but never doing. 


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