Let’s do a little Rated R, Adults Only horror flash fiction, shall we?

Seriously — adults only! Feeling like having a little naughty fun with horror . . .

Red roses and white wine. Dark chocolates and strawberries with whipped cream. Alex had brought her out on their anniversary for a picnic in the park under the stars. Denver had been a little leery about the idea at first, but he was so hot, so tasty and fun . . . She would have gone with him to a carnival, if he’d wanted her to, or a flea market. He was exactly the man she’d been looking for.

And once she got past the creepiness of the empty benches and soughing trees, and the play of the shadows from the flames of the candles he’d brought, it really was romantic. Romantic, and naughty.

Denver had worried a little about nighttime strollers walking by, and mosquitoes, but by the time Alex was stripping her shirt away, she no longer cared. The balmy night air kissed her naked shoulders with as much intimacy as her lover’s lips, and when the breeze ruffled her hair, it fanned the heat between her legs into a brushfire.

Something felt off, though, in spite of the glorious things he was doing to her. “I’m so hungry for your body,” she whimpered.

“I am too, baby,” he said, grinning at her with a flash of white teeth.

She stretched her arms out, her fingers clutching at the grass on either side of the blanket he’d thrown down behind the cedar hedge. The ground was hard underneath, but not unpleasant. But between the bushes and the trees and his body, she felt strangely confined.

So she drew his head to hers and whispered her need into his ear.

“Okay.” His voice betrayed his reluctance, but he dipped his head to kiss the crevice between her breasts, and helped her to her feet. “Where do you want to go?”

“Follow me, just over the hill. We can be there in two minutes. You’ll have to help me hop the fence.”

Giggling, she grabbed up the blanket around her chest as he picked up the wine and their shoes. There was no one around at this hour of the night to see their playful chase to the edge of the park, but she felt deliciously naughty with the dazzling stars and the full moon watching overhead.

The wrought-iron fence separating the park from the graveyard was six feet high, but Alex was taller, and it was easy for him to throw the blanket over the top of the spade-shaped spines. She laughed as he pulled it off her, spinning away, the movement of her breasts slowed by her bra. With clumsy fingers, Denver unfastened the clasp at the back and let the straps fall down over her arms, waiting for him to turn back to her.

She saw his eyes widen as she spread her hands over the cups and then eased the lingerie down, coyly turning away so he just missed seeing her nipples. Denver laughed over her shoulder, rubbing her thighs together as his hands curved around her waist, relishing the heat of his body behind hers. And then she stepped forward and threw her bra over the fence.

“Now we’re committed,” she told him, dimpling. “That was my roommate’s. She’s expecting it back.”

In answer, he pulled her close and lifted her bodily against the iron bars so he could nestle against her thighs and nuzzle her neck. She wrapped her legs around his, groaning as he pressed his need to hers, the rhythm of his thrusts coaxing the fire in her back to life.

“Not yet,” she gasped. “Over the fence!”

He sighed, letting her down so he could hoist her up and over. Denver watched the play of his muscles in the moonlight as he deftly climbed up and over. Before he could grab her again, she took off among the tombstones, unzipping her pants as she moved.

The place she had in mind lay behind a stand of triple oak trees: a great, oblong granite tomb, flat on top and worked all around with stone cherubs and wreaths. She nearly lost her balance when she got to it, struggling with her jeans around her knees, but then Alex was there again, his swollen manhood pressing against her rear. She let him take her just like that, the cold tomb supporting her weight as he made her senses sing with the motion of his body within hers.

Denver felt him harden, the pulse between them quickening. Eager to match his pace, she thrust him back and turned around so she could face him, perched saucily on the edge of the tomb. She reached for him, and Alex plunged back into her like a force of nature. She clung to him, her cries rising unbidden, her nails digging into his back and his waist as the world spun around her, a hurricane of sensation erasing the boundaries between her skin and his so there were only stars blazing in the darkness, a thousand suns heating her bones and comets streaking the heavens within her loins. Her back arched and her shoulders touched the cold stone; he was leaning over her now, working with her jointly in their climb. The build was so exquisite, she had a flash of disappointment when her muscles sent her over the edge, but the long shuddering climax was worth it. When he stiffened in her arms, gasping his own release, she quivered joyfully again, holding him closely.

“Definitely glad nobody was around to hear that,” she murmured.

“Well, you never know what’s out there in the night,” he told her. “Werewolves and vampires and mummies.”

“You don’t really believe in monsters, do you?” Denver pushed him off of her, laughing. “Come on, we need to get back before those candles start a fire. And I’m hungry.”

“Maybe you need more satisfaction right here,” he leered, pulling her close once more.”

“No, I’m seriously ravenous,” she whispered, raking her nails down his chest. “Come on.”

The other need within her was fully awake, gnawing at her ribs. She led him back the way they’d come, tracing a zigzag among the tombstones, and picked up her bra from where it had fallen. Feeling energized from the sex, she no longer needed his help to mount the fence, but she let him boost her anyway.

On the other side, after his feet were back on unconsecrated soil, she turned to him with a wide smile. “Stop, for a minute. I’m getting an itch. I need you to scratch it.” Denver pushed him to the ground and wrapped her brassiere around his eyes.

“Whoa — you’re stronger than you look!” Alex chuckled and moaned as she straddled him to lick his neck, testing the resiliency of his flesh with her teeth. “Ow! Should I use the safe word?”

“I think it’s too late for that,” she growled. Denver held up one hand to the moon, revelling in the elongation of her nails into talons, wiggling with the tingling sensation of the silky fur sprouting along her spine.

Alex pulled the bra away from his face at the sound of her howl. His shout turned into a guttural rasp with her hand around his throat. She caressed the six-pack he was showing in his struggles, scraping from navel to pubis, and below.

“Hot, tasty man,” she praised him. “I told you I was hungry for your body.”


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