Back to the Cosplaying Conundrum

So the tickets and wristbands are in our possession for FanExpo, and school supplies having also been procured, we now turn to the problem of dressing for the convention.

I’ve completed the alterations on Jack’s Deadpool unitard so it’s more form-fitting. He needs help setting up design and construction of his mask. Plus painting up some Nerf guns, a foam board sheath and sword, and making a utility belt and holsters. At least he’s got high boots and gloves!

And then Bridget wants to be Chica from Five Nights at Freddy’s. Basically, I need to find or make a yellow top and leggings, a white bib that says “Let’s Eat!”, and black, white, and yellow makeup. And shoe covers. If I get enough makeup, we can do her whole arms and hands as well as her face and hair. She’s averse to a mask, unfortunately, although I think that would be easier in many ways. 

Hubby is all over tweaking / upgrading his Steampunk gear from last year. 

So then there’s me. 

I didn’t even start on anything this summer in part because I wasn’t sure we were even going, and other things took priority. Now . . . I want to wear something awesome, powerful and sexy, but I’m running out of time, resources, and I’m stuck in glasses with short hair. 

So I need your help! 

Here is a list of the assets I do have at hand:

  • Long hooded reversible cloak, sleeveless. One side is brown, the other is ivory.
  • Blue v-neck dress cut on the bias, diagonal hem, jersey fabric. Wore it last year as part of my Wonder Woman / Firefly mashup.
  • Assorted dress shirts
  • Doctor Who scarf (Jack’s)
  • Bowties
  • Various lengths of pleather, mostly brown
  • Grey sheeting (meant for a Weeping Angel costume that isn’t going to happen yet)
  • Antique ivory shawl
  • Hawaian shirts
  • Chef coats and aprons
  • Cayley’s parasol from Firefly
  • Lots of embroidery thread
  • Lots of yarn
  • Floral bedsheets from a double we no longer have

The makings of something awesome are in there, I just know it. I just can’t figure it out on my own. I don’t necessarily want to be an elf, because I don’t have the ear tips. Nor do I really want to be a Jedi. I’ve thought maybe about going Steampunk, but I really want something from one of my fandoms, or to mash things up. Sadly, my Adipose bit the dust after ComicCon, so I can’t be Miss Foster again. 

I thought maybe about borrowing a lab coat from the school to be Osgood. But I’m not sure I really want my neck wrapped in a wooly scarf for this — FanExpo is a sweaty place to be!

I also thought about being a security guard from FNAF but that would feel unbalanced: I would match Bridget but not Jack or Hubby.

This is a careful business. It’s not as simple as a Hallowe’en costume. I want to feel awesome, not ridiculous — too often, I feel ridiculous. So if you have any suggestions from the list of resources above, I am all ears. 👂🏻👂🏻👂🏻

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