Cosplaying Construction Conundrums Continued!

The boy’s Deadpool is nearly complete! Got the mask 95% done, but for some lacing or Velcro at the back. Very thankful to my mother, who made the original unitard two years ago, and to hubby for finding his old Actar head, highly useful for fixing the eyes. Adding Velcro to fix the neck tomorrow, and then his accessories are up to him. But it looks good!  

Next is to cut out and pin and sew Miss Bridget’s top and bottom. I’ve cut up an old pair of leggings to use as a pattern, and I think her top will be a simple sleeveless tank. She says she will make the bib, and then it’s just makeup. Hoping that part won’t take forever to apply.

Must remember to get either yellow hairspray or enough yellow makeup for her hair. Maybe just a fascinator on a headband?

As for me, I think I’m looking at Steampunk. I’ve found a few lengths of brown pleather and stretchy material that I might be able to coax into becoming a simple corset over a peach frilly blouse, and that plaid skirt can be remade into a dapper bustle with minimum effort. I just really would like to mash Steampunk with a literary or pop culture character. Any ideas?

With the plaid, I could call to mind Claire Fraser, but she’s already in the past.

I’d love to do Steampunk Wonder Woman, but I’m short on what I would need as accessories. 

Steampunk Lady Sherlock? Damnit, I’d need a deerstalker for that. 

Might have to be just generic, but awesome, Steampunk. With a feathery pen instead of a sword, holstered on my hip or maybe — saucily — on my thigh.   

Daring and demure, sexy yet smart, adventurous but polite. Yes. This could work!

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