New School Year Resolutions

It’s honestly as bad as the calendar New Year, for me. The season changes, I go back to work, and I make all kinds of lofty, well-intentioned vows to be a better person. I will follow up more consistently, throughout the semester! (burnout on phone calls and tracking lates usually happens by October); I will keep up with marking and housework at the same time! (if I had four arms and two heads, maybe); I will not let my students take advantage of me! (yeah, right). 

And so on. 

I did get up nice and early today, and I did 15 minutes of yoga. Breakfast was yogurt and blueberries (fresh and local!). But I have started out strong like this in the past, hitting the ground running at a terrific sprint, only to lose steam just a couple of weeks in. So at this point, I’m feeling rather skeptical towards myself. 

The second day tends to be very much harder than the first. 

So I shall try to stay focused on the positives, like refreshing my room by changing a bulletin board display and making new signage, framing the photos from our field trip to Ottawa ComicCon and preparing for FanExpo this weekend. Bridget’s costume is hemmed, and the straps are on, so she just needs paint for the joints and makeup and the bib. And then I can do my own. If I have enough energy.

Seems like I’m forever doing too much or not enough. Maybe I just thrive in a bit of creative chaos . . .


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