Blisters on my feet and a smile on my face

A delayed start and humidity with a heat alert set a rushed tone at first today. That, along with a problem last night concerning our hotel room that sent us to a neighbouring hotel, a crowded breakfast room (at least it was free!) and a problem with the parking in the morning (we forgot that we weren’t checking into the other hotel until later and paid our parking too early, so that took time to explain and resolve . . .)

So we arrived later than we wanted at FanExpo, and got hit with it all at once. And it was packed. I felt completely overwhelmed in the sea of people, especially after losing track of Hubby, who’d gone to get an autograph for a friend. In a crowd that size, you are not allowed to stop and ponder: you must keep moving. It can get frustrating.

Another issue I found was that once I got caught in the mass of people squeezing between the autograph lineups and the merchandise / exhibitors, it’s extremely difficult to get out of it. I should have expected that from previous experiences. We should have avoided the show floor altogether (I wanted to get a photo op, though, with Graham McTavish, an awesome actor from The Hobbit and Outlander — silly, I know — and so we got stuck) and headed directly for the floors with the workshops and panels. Tomorrow, that’s the plan. 

Of course, that depends on tag-teaming care of the youngest in our brood. I had her in tow for much of the day, and then switched with Hubby for a bit. It’s hard to attend panels and workshops that aren’t geared for the younger set. We have to work on that. We are going to enlist the elder child in looking after her for an hour or so tomorrow, depending on crowd size and timing.

Still, in spite of all the challenges, it was a good day. I doubt I will be wearing my spike heeled boots again for a while, but we saw some terrific exhibits, Bridget and I met Robert Picardo (he liked my hat!) and George Romero (he liked Bridget’s makeup!), saw daredevils in profession as well as cosplay, talked to good people, and took lots of pictures. I picked up souvenirs for friends and comics for me, spent too much money, and after literally limping back to the car (got us lost on Younge St first), we had a late supper at the Hard Rock Cafe on Dundas. The streets were humid, smelly, crowded with all walks of life and all levels of prosperity and poverty, mixing and shifting and drifting under the lights. Kind of a reflection of FanExpo, in fact.

Tomorrow, we won’t stress over cosplaying or shopping or anything. Just going with the flow, and having fun. 

I was questioning the wisdom of this trip, but at the end of the long day, I think we’re all glad we came.

The final product! A hint of risqué under the pursuit of learning . . .

 Sadly, it was too hot for Jack to stay in his Deadpool gear for long. 

 Bridget enjoyed people’s reactions, especially when they recognized her character! 

  Silly picture time!

  We had an Outlander-style “vow-renewal”! 

  Who could ever say “no” to Cinderella?

 My good man waited an hour and a half in the queue to help a friend. ❤️

   A hint of the crowds . . .

 And a tasty Mai-Tai!

More tomorrow!


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