In which I fangirl-out once again. Twice.

Another awesome day at FanExpo: got a family pic in the TARDIS, helped Bridget make some crafts, (Jack started sewing a Gameboy plushie), picked up some terrific souvenirs for more of my fandoms (X-FilesSupernaturalSherlock, Guardians of the Galaxy, Wonder Woman [keychain courtesy of the kiddy-winks], etc.), free posters and postcards, and also ran into friends again!


I got a hug from actor Graham McTavish (squee!), who seemed genuinely overwhelmed and delighted with everything — and was very cuddly.

And then, much later, as my son and I were wandering Artist Alley seeking out the guys behind Cyanide and Happiness, Jack spotted someone I hadn’t expected to see up close: controversial comic writer/actor Kenny Hotz. 
I screamed. 


My hubby would have been completely embarrassed if he’d been there, and it was a bit disappointing that he couldn’t make his way over to meet the guy. But it was a great moment, followed up by locating the C&H guys!



Next year, I’m wearing a pedometer to see how much walking I do through the whole thing. (Also packing my stuff in a separate bag so my clothes don’t end up smelling like hubby’s socks . . .)

I’ve also learned that when I am über-tired, I am rotten at following directions. Getting lost, even in a two-route subway system, is a given. Thankfully, everybody took it in stride and still had a good time. 

Ended off with a nice supper at Red Lobster and I enjoyed a lovely High Tide. Then we caught the tail end of a street theatre performer in Dundas Square. Awesome.


All the exhaustion, stress, sweat streaming down my back, sore feet and blistered toes — totally worth it.

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