The weekend begins…

. . . And I can’t figure out if I’m getting sick again, or not. 

The projects are beginning to ramp up as I get used to my new responsibilities in Alt Ed — my teaching schedule this year includes Student Success (tracking grade 9s and ensuring they get help / attend CIT [Compulsory Instructional Time] after classes as needed or assigned, and informing home if they are struggling), working with the SAL program (Supervised Alternative Learning) to assist / connect with students on home or work study, and monitoring students doing IS (Independent Study) courses online. My grade 12 College English class is going well, with few issues. Some students aren’t terribly fond of my attempt to go paperless, and a couple are getting the online work site Showbie confused with their blog tasks, but we are working through it.

Then, there are my extracurriculars:

In the meantime, I’m also heading up another Haunted House at the local theatre, and thankfully this year, I have a ton of help: the theatre manager, a board member, and sixty — SIXTY! — student volunteers! 

There is also another Ottawa ComicCon trip in the works (not formally announced to the students yet, although many have come to me over the last three weeks to ask), and again, I’m thankful to have some help this time in the form of our male chaperone. He had kindly offered to do some of the organizing last year, but by that point I’d gotten most of it covered. This year I’m relieved and happy to share out the tasks involved.

At home, I’ve got an editing job to do, plus the next round of the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction, plus all the “little” things inside and outside the house that didn’t get done this summer.

Then, I’m possibly making plans with the theatre to put on A Christmas Carol with the students, developing the 24 Hour Playwriting Project, and I have a script to produce and direct with the students for the spring Sears Drama Festival. Also involved with planning a local drama festival at the theatre, for the fall of 2016. 

(Deep breath . . .)

Somewhere in there is promoting the Talbot Trilogy, working on fresh writing ideas like the creepy dollhouse story, and the next editing jobs as they come up. Plus getting the kids to their activities if they can’t get themselves there, although the boy’s pretty independent at this point — it’s Bridget who still needs to be taken and supervised at skating, and she says she doesn’t want to go downhill skiing when the season starts.

I think tomorrow I will lay in a fresh supply of wine and other adult beverages and chocolate for little rewards. And maybe I will book myself a mani-pedi for after the Haunted House. I’m not sure I will be able to manage NaNoWriMo this year. (Sad face) Would like to, though.


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    Damn! And I thought I was busy! đŸ™‚

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