So ends the weekend…

I hope my entry for the flash fiction writing contest’s second round is enjoyed by the judges. Those with whom I’ve shared it yesterday and today have given me terrific responses.

Got a few things accomplished today, and some rest, but it never feels like I’ve gotten enough of either. Such is the way of things, I suppose.

Tomorrow, I have to procure three boxes of appropriate size for mailing copies of my books and a gift for a friend, as it turns out that I don’t have any suitable packaging here. I need to draw large floor plans of each level in the haunted house, and prepare sign-up sheets for each room, plus an agenda for the volunteers meeting on Wednesday after school. And there’s putting together the lists of props, set decoration, costumes, and makeup. 

But the good news is that the amazing theatre manager finished the tickets and posters, so now we just have to print, copy, and distribute them — I think we will start advertising October 1 on the radio, but the posters might go out this week.

I hope I’ve staved off getting a cold for just a little while longer…

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