Knitting along, being mindful, eyes on the prize

I think I might be overdue for a mental health day, but it’s not going to happen this week. My nails are stripped down to the quick and there are boulders beside the knots in my shoulders. I flip flop between anticipation and dread. I am exhausted. I am running on adrenaline. There is heartburn and there are twisted dreams and headaches. 

The haunted house event opens on Friday night. Wednesday I will be running between the set-up and my daughter’s first skating lesson of the year, so I am once again extremely grateful for the adults who have offered their time and already done so much to make it happen. And there’s still a handful of props and materials to put together, although the loans we got today are very helpful. 

I’m in one of those phases where I am feeling low, in spite of having had a nice weekend, and I find myself trying to convince my brain to make itself better. Or berating myself over the things I said I was going to get done, but didn’t. Anxiety is rearing its head, and probably PMS. 

So I’ve been knitting for much of today, trying to take my mind off the things that I can’t control and that are making me feel bad. I also attempted a start at cleaning, filling a garbage bag. Of course, I ended up overwhelmed and then I curled up and took a nap. But one bag full is better than none, right? And I finally finished redoing the first length of my scarf, so I was able to start on the second skein:   

Yup. There are some lovely mistakes in there, but I might just cover them with felt flowers or buttons or something. Or leave it. Sometimes flaws give a thing character. Maybe. 

Thanks for listening. 

Oh, and this was a definite pick-me-up tonight: I received a terrific and constructive review of Crystal and Wand from Leisha at the RoloPolo Book Blog! Here’s the link:

One thought on “Knitting along, being mindful, eyes on the prize

  1. tarafoxhall says:

    Bravo! Sequel! 🙂

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