Post-Shower Thoughts

October is fickle. First we have unseasonably warm weather at the start of the month, and then it cools off. Cooling turns into a seasonal chill, followed by slightly earlier snowfall, and now we’re back to warm again. MAKE UP YOUR MIND! Am I shaving my legs or not?!

WWI depended on batteries. Metaphorically, that is. While helping my boy with his homework and discussing the causes of the Great War, we looked at imperialism. Imperialism involves colonies. Colonies helped to provide the mother countries with materials and soldiers, making the war bigger and last longer. Therefore, are colonies not batteries to power a nation?

Does colonizing Mars make the country responsible an imperial power? And therefore will the space race intensify as the off-planet-faring countries and corporations compete to be the first to set down a flag on Martian dirt?

Can a corporation be an empire? Okay, that one’s probably a bit easier. We know that a corporation also fits the profile of a psychopath, and we talk of business / corporate empires already. But what if the economic entity puts its roots / talons on another planet?



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