To Bed with Prince Buckley

I decided against skating after school today, seeing as I was feeling unwell all day and rather like a fever was coming on. Add in a swollen gland under my jaw, and I figured it would be best to avoid over-exertion and sweating in the cold. Can’t afford to take a sick day this week — not with another fundraiser about to start on Wednesday (getting the students to make wreaths to sell) and a major assignment being collected tomorrow and marks due next Monday.

Still haven’t been able to plan my daughter’s 10th birthday party. It’s nagging at me. Wasn’t able to get in touch with the manager of the new Microtel — he is away until Wednesday — so I’m crossing my fingers that we will be able to have it there.

In the meantime, I have taken another dose of Buckley’s and loaded up on ginger ale. Hoping to feel better in the morning.

Monday Perk-up

Trying to start the day more positively than I’m feeling (which I’m hoping will turn into positive feelings): have a look at the progress I’ve got on my next knitting project: 

The above was taken at 4:49 pm yesterday. And this is where I left off last night:

I might have this done fairly quickly! It’s a gift for my great-ain’t Liddy, promised to her way back in September. I do hope it fits. Fun fact: I discovered yesterday that I can read and knit at the same time, as long as the book is on a vertical screen!

—Bahaha, did you catch that auto-correct above? Great-Aunt, silly computer! Great-aunt Liddy!!!

Not ready for Monday

But it comes, nevertheless. And when I walk into the staff area, Monday won’t care whether I feel or am rested or if I’m simply less exhausted and worn out than I was on Friday night; Monday won’t give me any breaks for my state of mind; Monday will make me feel as though I never left the office or the classroom, like being at home was a dream as detailed as any of the others I get when I sleep.

The only good thing about tomorrow is that it will be the last day of this too-long month, this dreary November with its darkness and emotional roller coasters.

The Finished Scarf

Here’s some good news — on Thursday night, I finished the knitting I’ve been working on for eight months or so. I am extremely grateful to my dear friend Jenny Twist for helping me figure out what I was doing wrong with the pattern, after my third or fourth restart. Totally worth it — the length and texture are exactly what I was going for. 🙂


Sometimes, just sleep.

Yesterday, after a poor night of sleeping (3 or 4 hours before getting up to fetch hubby from work at 5 am — and then yes, we did have a snow day, so I got an extra half hour before heading to my own job), and taking the kids to their skating lesson, I crashed hard and laid down for some peace and quiet around 7:30, having decided to skip going to the Santa Claus parade (to the severe disappointment of my daughter). Stretching out turned into falling asleep and there I stayed until well after 1 pm today. And after that, I had a headache that wouldn’t go away until just q few hours ago. Probably withdrawal from the unusual amount of caffeine I had yesterday in order to get through . . .

Had an odd dream about going to Florida and staying in a grubby, overpriced, knick-knack-filled hotel with rooms like rabbit warrens. There was poop and water leakage all over, too. Some of the guests were mysteriously similar to the seven dwarfs and Snow White and Prince Charming, which might mean I’ve been watching too much OUAT. 

But OUAT is an escape that works for me right now. 

But it didn’t work for me this afternoon. Just felt terribly drained and apathetic. And all I wanted to do was sleep. 

Jinxed again?

Well, it seems that perhaps the energy of so many people wondering aloud whether tomorrow might be a snow day has done its work — Old Man Winter and Jack Frost are playing games, having heard the hopes and pleas for a break, and blown the storm front further south. Snowfall has diminished accordingly, and the freezing rain and ice pellets ended earlier than expected. Good news for those who must travel the roads! Bad news for students who wanted to sleep in and teachers and staff looking forward to a bonus day of prep and marking. 

Oh, well. There will be others. At least tomorrow is Friday. 


Oooh, sudden thought! I should start a Snow Day pool of sorts — perhaps a BINGO card set? Might make it more fun, whether we win or lose!

Snow Days

The first rule of Snow Days: you don’t talk about Snow Days. 

The second rule of Snow Days? You do not talk about Snow Days.

We’re back in the season of perpetual hope — no, not the jolly Yuletide kind, but the kind that has teachers and students alike checking and double-checking forecasts, listening to the radio first thing in the morning, and updating the school board’s online bus information every few minutes, waiting to see if a miracle has happened and we get an unplanned break in the routine. 

We get an average of eight snow days a year where I live, and that can include cold days, when the temperatures in late January and through February can dip so low that the Celsius and Farhenheit thermometres agree and Diesel engines won’t start. But right now, we’ve got a late period of winter storms coming, mixes of rain and snow and freezing temps that could make driving treacherous and force the cancellation of the buses.

So we are waiting. And tonight, the wind is howling, pushed by a weather system that may hold some nastiness in store for us. 

There are a lot of superstitions or traditions that go along with snow days. People say that to bring one on, you should wear your pyjamas inside out (or backwards), or put a spoon under your pillow. The surest way to jinx a snow day, though, is to talk about it in advance. 

But it’s so hard not to speculate, isn’t it? Especially after a long, mostly dark month with few breaks, the cold (and this year, damp as well as chill) grind that is November. The possibility of an easing of the load for a day is delightful, and many of us in classrooms take full advantage of it to get things done. I know some parents do struggle with snow days, though, and it’s not always safe or possible to get the kids to their schools on their own when the weather is bad. Snow days mean figuring out child care or even missed work, if the child cannot get to the school. I’m one of the lucky ones — I can bring mine to work with me, and I’ve done so in the past. And for the past year, one has been old enough to look after the other through the day, with phone calls and drop-ins to double-check, which is an amazing relief.

A lot of people are already anticipating bus cancellations on Friday. I’m trying not to think too much about it, to let it be a pleasant surprise. But at the same time, I’m listening to that wind, checking the forecast, and liking the idea of a lighter day.

After all, I’ve already broken the first rule.