Weekend over, wheels turning

No sooner does one project end than another begins. As I wrap up the Haunted House, storing props and returning materials, there’s the 2016 ComicCon trip to start planning and fundraising, the Sears Drama Festival play to design, cast, and begin rehearsing (as soon as I order scripts), and maybe a Christmas performance. And in the middle, I have a novel to edit for a friend as well. The 24 Hour Playwriting Challenge in February needs to be worked on, too. And I need to fit in book promos somewhere, plus my own writing. I wasn’t going to register for NaNoWriMo this year, and that was making me a little sad/der, because I do enjoy participating. But at the last minute of the first day, I’m going to throw my remaining sanity to the wind — there’s a story on my mind, it’s been waiting there for months much like my tattoos before I get them, so I will whittle away at it as best I can. 

Tomorrow will be busy. I should be asleep. I have a skating lesson after school — the first since I was 9, I think — and then a meeting right after that, but thankfully hubby can get Bridget to her skating lesson, and Jack to karate if necessary. He’s also started the Christmas shopping, so I won’t have bad dreams about not being prepared this year.

Still kind of wish I could just hibernate, but keeping busy helps a little — distracts me from the dark.


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