Those NaNoWriMo Blues

It’s early to be grumpy, and I already knew what I was in for. I should know better than to try to start writing when everyone is still up. I know the pitfalls, now, of having an idea but not an approach, and the frustration of circling the story like a wrestler does his foe, searching for the right opening to best tackle and down. 

So if none of these things are surprises, and I’ve become well-practiced in making writing a daily habit — at least, for this year — what makes getting into this NaNo so much harder?

Could be some residual blow-back from the weekend, or the past month as a whole. I also haven’t done all of the research I had meant to for this project. My mental health certainly isn’t optimal, and there is so much on my to-do list that I sometimes can’t bear to look at it. But these are the reasons why I need to write. 

I just can’t afford to stay up until all hours doing it anymore, and the midnight writing binges have tended to be my mainstays. 

Ah, well. I have the concept, the outline, and some false starts. I shall keep chipping away tomorrow, in quiet moments, little by little. Try to gather my courage to experiment with form, too.

So ends Day Two of NaNoWriMo 2015.


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