Unseasonably warm today. It doesn’t look or feel like November should. Temps are well above 10 degrees Celsius, and you can smell the damp ground on the wind. As much as I dislike being cold, problems with the weather are unsettling. Makes me feel unwell.

So I think it takes me around two hours to write my daily word limit of 1700-1800 words, depending on the strength of what I’m seeing in my head and the level of distraction around me. 

I skated today. Second time this week, first time in three (?) years. Haven’t fallen yet, but came close a few times. Very afraid of that painful thump onto the ice — the last time I fell was the last time I’d skated, I think, and I landed hard on my tailbone. Not something you forget all that soon. 

I keep scraping my freshly tattooed wrist on things — the edges of cardboard boxes, the zipper of my coat, counters and desktops . . . It’s been a week, so it’s healing still, but I think I’ll go back for a touch-up in another week or two. 


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