Searching for Warm Fuzzies

Had Parent-Teacher night tonight. None of my students or their parents/guardians came to my classroom. Not sure how much I am relieved, and how much I am disappointed, but then again, I have grade 12s this year. Much of the time, they carry their news about class close to the chest, when they go home. 

Not in the mood for writing. Or for much of anything. It’s too warm outside, has been for a few days, an uncomfortable (through its unaccustomed comfort, for November) reminder that the climate is changing. How I wish I could change the minds of the people who don’t see it, who refuse to acknowledge the evidence before them, that has been there for so many years. Too depressing. I need something more positive to write about.

Almost done the second skein of yarn in my scarf. And I took a plunge, ordered clothes for myself from a speciality store, both last night and this evening. I picked out some staples in knits and jerseys for the winter, plus new jeans since mine now sport unattractive holes in unmentionable places, and I splurged on knee-high boots to wear at work. I get so tired of constantly tugging at my hems to make sure my waist is covered, ill-fitting long-sleeve tops I’ve made do — I tend to wear things until they have no more wear in them, as my jeans will attest. Hoping that the refreshing of my winter wardrobe will help my mood. Self-care, right? Also booked haircuts for myself and the children this week, though I had to push them to Saturday because there was too much happening to make our appointments tonight. Contemplating a manicure, as well, although I probably don’t have enough nail at this point for it to matter.

One thing at a time.

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