My newest fandom has blown my mind

It is truly amazing what the Once Upon a Time people have done with the story and the characters. I’m flabbergasted — yet also not surprised, given some of the foreshadowing in previous episodes. Still — I have serious writer envy right now. The kind I get when watching Supernatural (caught up now, and OMG AMARA!) and Castle and Chuck. Didn’t get any writing of my own done this weekend, but maybe this will inspire?

The trouble I’m having with my WIP is I don’t know which perspective to go with, or which tense, so I just keep experimenting with the lens but it doesn’t help me move the story forward. However — it is interesting to me to see the different views. I’m thinking of continuing on in this vein, spinning the glass to focus on the various players in the drama to see what they saw. Build it from there. I won’t win NaNoWriMo this year, but that’s okay. Sort of. 


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