Part II (still catching up)

Apologies for being a little lax this week — but I’m so close to the end of this challenge, I refuse to give up on 365 days of blogging! 

Lately, Facebook has been putting reminders of past events in my feed, and many of them have to do with the writing, editing, and promoting of my books, primarily the Talbot Trilogy. I still have a hard time believing they are done, you know — the writing of those stories was a task so long in the conceiving and composing, I did worry many times that I wouldn’t get to the end. And then I did. And I wanted to have a party to celebrate, but I never did. Too many other things on the go.

I think part of the holdup with my current WIP is that I know I need to do more research on certain things, to get the details right, and yet I also don’t want to end up essaying or doing info dumps that aren’t necessary. I researched various spell details for the magick in Wind and Shadow, Blood and Fire, and Crystal and Wand, but those are contemporary paranormal romances, urban fantasies — for the current project, I’m going back in time about three hundred years, and although I have a good understanding of life then, I feel like I need more. So it might end up taking me longer than I had anticipated, although I would prefer being done sooner than the eight years it took to complete the trilogy!

Confession: I actually do enjoy the research. I don’t want to have to feel rushed with this, because I want to do it justice. But neither do I want it to take forever. Maybe this why some writers hire research assistants?

Still, it’s comforting that the idea is not going away — I think it’s a sure sign that the book wants to be written. Little by little, it will be.

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