On Jessica Jones, Episode 1

Really, really, good. I’m not going to say I loved it, because it’s not the kind of material that is so positive, but I finished episode 1 wanting to binge the rest, to follow Jessica’s story, and having to wait is frustrating. 

I’ve done marginal research on her history in the Marvel universe, but to be honest, I sometimes find it hard to follow the convoluted storyline summaries for MCU characters. I know the basics: a woman whose attempts to use her superpowers, gained via car accident with a chemical truck, went tragically wrong when she was discovered and abused by the Purple Man, Killgrave. So the series picks up a year after her escape from that relationship (if you can call it that), when she’s still trying to put the past behind her, make a living, and not doing very well at either.

Jessica Jones, played by Krysten Ritter, reminds me of Rayvin Woods, the protagonist in the Talbot Trilogy — flawed but strong, broken but still fighting, unwilling to give in to the darkness that threatens to overwhelm her whenever her guard is down. Also of Emma Swan, somewhat, and Killian Jones a little bit. Anne Shirley, without the vivid imagination and optimistic outlook, maybe.

I like that. I like characters who, as Jessica Jones does, can keep going in spite of hard days and flashbacks. They make hard decisions and live with the consequences, focusing eventually (if not at first) on making things right. That’s so hard to do for so many of us. I like Jessica Jones for being so human — she’s everywoman, in many ways. Damaged, scared, determined, self-possessed, and when she’s doing her job well, you can see the satisfaction in her face, driving the demons away. 

If I didn’t have to be up in three hours to take hubby to work, I’d be in another episode by now. I’m enjoying the filming choices, too, and the hotness of Mike Colter as Luke Cage, and I’m a huge fan of David Tennant — looking forward to seeing more of him as a villain. Man, I love a juicy fictional villain . . .

Sleep. First, I need to sleep.


One thought on “On Jessica Jones, Episode 1

  1. Pint Jockey says:

    we enjoyed it too, can’t wait to watch the rest, and really looking forward to Daredevil season 2 in April

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