Sometimes, just sleep.

Yesterday, after a poor night of sleeping (3 or 4 hours before getting up to fetch hubby from work at 5 am — and then yes, we did have a snow day, so I got an extra half hour before heading to my own job), and taking the kids to their skating lesson, I crashed hard and laid down for some peace and quiet around 7:30, having decided to skip going to the Santa Claus parade (to the severe disappointment of my daughter). Stretching out turned into falling asleep and there I stayed until well after 1 pm today. And after that, I had a headache that wouldn’t go away until just q few hours ago. Probably withdrawal from the unusual amount of caffeine I had yesterday in order to get through . . .

Had an odd dream about going to Florida and staying in a grubby, overpriced, knick-knack-filled hotel with rooms like rabbit warrens. There was poop and water leakage all over, too. Some of the guests were mysteriously similar to the seven dwarfs and Snow White and Prince Charming, which might mean I’ve been watching too much OUAT. 

But OUAT is an escape that works for me right now. 

But it didn’t work for me this afternoon. Just felt terribly drained and apathetic. And all I wanted to do was sleep. 

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