Post-weekend survival mode

Forgot to mention how my daughter’s birthday went! She was bowled over by the fun, and the first and second events went swimmingly. 

We ended up having two parties. I was really hoping her bestie could be at the one, and I knew she also really wanted to swim. In the end, her friend couldn’t make it to the bowling, and only one guest came swimming on Sunday, but Bridget was happy just the same, and that’s what matters. We celebrated her step into double-digits with a double-party, with small numbers but lots of activity (my poor mum could barely move on Sunday after two games of 5-pin!), and even squeezing in a craft after swimming. 

Today, though, I had to pick her up from school in the middle of the day due to a double-ear-ache. We sat in emerg for a few hours, came out with a prescription for amoxicillin, and then my darling astonished me by not only asking for it in pill form this time, but by being able to swallow the things without any fuss at all! Evidently she doesn’t have the sensitive gag reflex that her brother must cope with on occasion.

After that, since there wasn’t time for me to go back to work, I opted for a nap. I’d been going on less than five hours of sleep again, having stayed up too late to watch OUAT 5×11 (oh, Hook! Noooo!), then getting up at 4:30 to pick hubby up at 5 am and unable to get back to sleep right away. It was really hard getting up from the nap, but since I have prepaid my ice time and skating lessons, I made myself go. Was worth it. I’m improving all the time, getting more confident, and enjoying the workout as well. It’s like yoga, at times, like when I’m doing a spiral. A good physical challenge for myself. I just wish I weren’t the only adult doing it. Anyway, did that, worked up a sweat and some endorphins, then took hubby to work for 5 pm so I could have the car, picked my daughter up from skating, fetched supper from Subway — and as she started wilting almost as soon as she was off the ice, I put her to bed early. Not sure yet whether she will make it to school tomorrow.

It would be nice to be out of survival-mode for a day or two. Not racing or putting out fires. All part and parcel of the package, I guess.


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