When a bestie knows you well…

She sends you awesomely amazing early Yule/Christmas gifts that make you giggle and brighten an otherwise gloomy day! 

Look! Look at my snuggly Sam and Dean fleece blanket! My awesome Supernatural undies (normally wouldn’t be sharing my unders on the Web but THEY’RE SUPERNATURAL!!!)!! 

My family watched, horrified, amused, and a little bit scared as I chortled and squeed, opening this package tonight. 

And perhaps, just maybe, my Grinchy heart grew a little bit more . . .


One thought on “When a bestie knows you well…

  1. tarafoxhall says:

    Happy Yule! I’m glad to share your joy with the world in your new panties! Cover yourself in Deany and Sammy goodness!!

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