Getting behind on blogging again…

Not sure if I’m just one day behind, or two. Anyone want to let me know, if you’ve been keeping track?

Last night was spent chaperoning / helping at my school’s winter formal. I supervised the Ring Toss and Fishbowl games. 

I really have to commend the Student’s Council and their supervising teacher for the fantastic work they did. The theme was “Carnival”, and they even had jugglers with a unicycle. They definitely outdid themselves this year!

Getting ready shortly for my hubby’s staff Christmas party. Not sure what I’m wearing or even if I have any makeup. Less nauseous than yesterday, but still dealing with the damned sore and swollen gland. 
Damn, guess this means I should shave my legs. Crap.

What are your thoughts on holiday parties? Love, loathe, somewhere in between? 


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