She still believes!

At least, that’s the ten-year-old’s story and she’s sticking to it. Perfectly understandable, it was, that Santa would provide her with a new doll stroller while mum and dad would give her the two dollies to go with it, and that her parents would have conversations with the man in the red suit. All is well.

After a lovely day at home, we braved the crowds at the mall this afternoon, just looking around for this or that (I bought three books, as well), and then saw Star Wars again. I was struck once more by the beauty of the cinematography, and especially the aesthetics of Kylo Ren’s ship — it reminds me of a dragon coming in to land, descending onto firey nests or rising from the battlefields with its prize. The new movie connects even more to fairy tales, now.

I’m nearly done this blanket patch, after having to go back and fix random errors again and again. 

Once this patch is done, I think I will start one for a blanket for my son, and when that’s done, start a mermaid blanket for Bridget. And I want to get off my ass to take control of the house before school resumes. Not enough snow to ski yet, anyway.

But most of all, I need to make myself get back to work on my next novel project. I’m almost done the 365 days of blogging, and even though a fair portion of it has been non-fiction, reflective pieces, it’s still been writing every day. If I put the same effort into the creepy dollhouse or another project, I might have a new manuscript done in a few months! And I really do want to produce more stories and novels. I walked around the book store today, wondering what it would be like to see my novels on their shelves. To get people reading, I need to revisit promotions beyond this blog, stepping up my approaches to reviewers, ferrying books in my car to local bookstores in an hour-and-a-half radius, really get back to the game. That in itself is a full-time job, but it’s completely true that if you don’t tell people about the work you do, who will want to try reading it?

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