Blogging Report Card time!

I just put a whole pile of thoughts and comments together on that statistical report, and OF COURSE I didn’t save the damned draft. Rookie mistake.

So, in summary, I will just say that I didn’t realize that I was actually  ahead of my posting goal at this point. In fact, at the time the report was generated (today?), I was already at 367 blog posts. Not bad, eh?

Also found it interesting that the most popular posts had to do with overthinking pop culture, buying stuff, and being funny or satirical about mundane activities. Makes sense. I know I need to write fewer reflective pieces and more fun/escape compositions. I simply don’t have the energy for the latter day after day. Plus, I think including visuals whenever I can is important, which again takes time and effort. 

Gratuitous visual: progress on the first block for my son’s blanket! Past the halfway point, now . . .

So in 2016, I will aim for at least one blog post a week, keeping in mind those statistics. After all, there is a fine balance between writing purely for one’s self, and entertaining / conversing with others. I’d like to do at least one vlog every three months, too, just for variety and fun. Might help to get a new MacBook Pro (rubs chin reflectively).

Three days remaining. Kind of relieved. But also gobsmacked that this is something I didn’t give up on — that I made it to the end. (Or did I just jinx myself?)

2 thoughts on “Blogging Report Card time!

  1. Pint Jockey says:

    I am glad that you made it Tori… It has been a ride reading about your triumphant and not so triumphant moments. .. Reading your thoughts have helped me soldier on with my own blog… which I fear I spend all too little time on. In the end it reminds me that it is all about the writing. .. keeping the muse flowing. Hope you have a wonderful and successful new year and I will read along as you write…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much — I do appreciate that. You’re absolutely right, it’s important to keep the door open to the words and ideas. Glad to know this project helped out! Cheers — I owe you a craft beer. 🙂


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