365 and done!

That’s it! The last hashtag365daysofblogging! 

I just spent 45 minutes combing through the last year of posts. It would have been reeeeeaaaallllyyy smart to properly categorize all of them. 

I think I gave up on that some time during the fall. 

Anyway, I think these totals are fairly accurate. There were some blendings of topics, since this blog is fairly informal. By the numbers, during this project I have written (approximately):

44 poems (plus 2 songs [lyrics only])

25 flash fiction pieces

89 reflections on everything from stuff that causes me stress to stuff that I do for fun to records of the weather. Actually, I realized halfway through counting that I ought to have tallied up the posts about weather! Oh, well . . .

I reflected on my weird dreams about 6 times.

Wrote about my dog and my bearded dragon about 10 times. 

42 of my posts were about my kids, and/or parenting challenges.

I wrote about being sick 16 times.

Teaching came up 57 times! That includes ruminations on my extracurriculars and field trips. And work stress . . .

Knitting appears 17 times, while cross-stitching is a paltry once.

Pop culture (books, films, cosplay) came up at least 62 times, including 10 reviews of media and books. I’d include popular customs in there, as well, like Christmas. 

And finally, writing — during the last 365 days, I wrote about writing 71 times.

I noticed, too, that a hell of a lot of the posts were about the things I want to do better. Maybe that’s a thought pattern I need to change. But looking back through all of them was actually kind of uplifting. It’s one thing to tell yourself or remind yourself of all the stuff you attempted and accomplished over a span of time. It’s another to see it laid out in front of you — the evidence in print and photograph, outside of your brain, dividing memory from dream.

Where do I go from here? 

I can feel more blog posts wanting to happen. But it’s nice to let go of the self-imposed daily goal. Weekly, or more, will be great. 

But the challenge of changing my thought patterns and self-perception? I think I’ve got a lot of work to do there. 

Thank you once again for being part of this journey. Catch you online tomorrow!

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