Week Two of my Personal Training Journey

I am craving chocolate in the worst way, and I was so lazy today . . . I’ve gotten more used to my meal plan, though some habits are definitely harder to break than others. It’s easier to follow than Weight Watchers, but I struggle to drink a full two litres of water a day, and I need to have more protein in the mornings. Peanut butter alone isn’t cutting it. I’ll have to build my egg skills. The thing is, I mainly have peanut butter on toast because it’s easy, and warm. Cold breakfast (refrigerated boiled eggs, cereal) turns me right off, even though I know I should be grateful just to have food. Anyway . . .

I bought myself a health tracker, the Bellabeat Leaf.  

I’m enjoying it, so far, although it’s not as sensitive at times as I know a Fitbit might be. Still, it’s telling me how I sleep (restlessly, aparently), and how many calories I use, acts as a pedometer, and that’s helping me stay motivated. 

Sadly, today my activity level was practically nil. I was tired. Did a lot of knitting and not a lot of anything else. Wondering whether my period is coming . . . Would explain my snappishness, chocolate cravings (thank goodness for the chocolate-flavoured herbal tea my dear Tara Hall sent me!), and the onset of exhaustion today. 

I will be strong, to be stronger and healthier. I may have two packages of chocolate in my knitting bag, but they will remain unopened until I finish the mermaid blanket, and even then, I will only eat one of each! 

(Hey, look at that! Only 15 inches to go and I can start decreasing rounds!)

So, that’s this weekend over, and January done. Got a list of calls to make and appointments to start scheduling for this and that, a new class to plan and prep for tomorrow, plus the remaining marking and report card comments and grades to complete by Wednesday. Also posters and add for this month’s fundraisers and arts events. 

Maybe it was good that I was lazy today.


2 thoughts on “Week Two of my Personal Training Journey

  1. justgolda says:

    People needs breaks too! Jobs that are stresssful and all that…
    Good luck on your weight loss journey! Have you thought about weight training? Apparently it will change your life

    Liked by 1 person

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