24-Hour Playwriting Challenge 2017!

I’ve had an interest in setting up performance experiments for a while, and through my activity with the LaSalle Theatre in Kirkland Lake, I was able to set up the first 24-Hour Playwriting Challenge in 2015. It went very well, and we expanded it in 2017, with a lot of success.

This year, due to circumstances beyond my control, it’s going to be a write-in event only, which is awesome: although we’re not having in-house writing overnight in a well-lit library with comfy couches and beanbag chairs, followed by a live performance by trained and volunteer actors, we’re trying something new once again:

The 2017 24-Hour Playwriting Challenge is opening up to online entries with the winning script to be performed live via YouTube in June!


The challenge is open to all ages, and available for international takers (registration and prize money in CAD)!

To sign up, please download and fill out the form at the Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/633252093531690/

Testimonial from Judge #1, Artistic Director for the LaSalle Theatre, Michael Rawley:


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