YESSSSS!!!! Cosplay is happening for MEEEEEEE!!!

I’m so pumped! I had the skirt after all, my mom just gave me some new blouses and one of them TOTALLY works, and I found the wig I was going to use for something else but never did so it’s PERFECT!!!! I can be Miss Foster from “Partners in Crime”!!!!

I’m so stoked. It’s not just the caffeine. I’ve got a ticket for a photo op with Paul Wesley — going to see if I can buy a small red devil for him to autograph as well, and try to get three of my students in the pic with me. Heck, i’ll even give them the ticket if four of them want in on the action. If I can get the autograph, I’ll ask him if I can raffle it off as a fundraiser for the school. AND I’M COSPLAYING!!!

Got my maps printed for a leisurely walking tour through the main points of interest in Ottawa. Bag full of snacks for the bus and the Con. Battery for the camera is charged. Laundry is clean. Mustn’t forget the tights for my COSPLAYING!!!

Chargers, makeup, deodourant, my knitting — must remember all of these. And the iPad. My phone. I have to make a harness for my Adipose, too, for my COSPLAYING!!!

I need to sleep. But I know it’s not likely tonight. I’m practically vibrating.

The thing is, in all seriousness, I hate packing. I hate worrying about forgetting something, even with lists, because it has happened in the past. I like picking up what I need along the way, which is not convenient or financially prudent, but sometimes, there’s no choice. Happily, I think I’m pretty much there. I’ve got extra clothes in case of food mishaps or other shenanigans. And it’s so nice out now, I can be lighter with the sweaters and forgo a heavy coat.

(Note to self: find the earbuds and put in purse)

Okay, off I go to finish up and try to sleep. On the bus at 8 am!!!! To Ottawa ComicCon!!!!