The Necronomicon Takes Shape

I’m a little concerned about flaking here and there, but the paint on the back is nearly done. I may apply a second coat, and a wash of gloss of some kind. Modge-podge? Watered-down glue? 

I tried highlighting with red first, but it got almost completely covered, so in the second coat I may mix the red and black together a bit, to a really dark shade that isn’t quite black, try that out. Also wondering whether I might be able to work in some highlighting with glow-in-the-dark paint. It’s green, though. Anyway, I think (hope) that the layer(s) of paint will help to combat the flaking. 

The real Necronomicon would never be so frail . . . (Sigh)

Debating whether to do the second coat on the back tomorrow, or do the first coat on the front. Decisions, decisions . . . Very relaxing, though, crafting and painting a Book of the Dead, even if the fumes are making me feel a bit crummy. That might be due to being over-tired again and not quite fed enough at supper, though. 

Starting to contemplate building a collection of famous/pop culture magical books. Like Winifred’s spell book from Hocus Pocus — one of my colleagues might be able to help me create a moving eyeball! I’ve also seen gorgeous reproductions of the Book of Shadows in Practical Magic

All of this is ultimately procrastination on cleaning, of course. But it’s so darned much fun!