Mist and Midnight now available from Melange Books!

Mist and Midnight now available from Melange Books!


Stalked by a cruel and relentless vampire, Charlotte is on the run. Fleeing the city, the powers of magick her only protection, she couldn’t afford to fall for the hot modern prospector Pike Mahonen. Can she avoid temptation in a small town, to keep them both safe?

Find out how the vampire was trapped underground in this prequel to The Talbot Trilogy!

Buy Links:
(PDF) http://www.melange-books.com/authors/torilridgewood/mistandmidnight.html
(Kindle) http://www.amazon.com/Mist-Midnight-The-Talbot-Trillogy-ebook/dp/B00HQA3MKC/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1389544136&sr=8-5&keywords=mist+and+midnight

Book Release Party July 7!

Celebrate with me the release of Wind and Shadow: Book One of the Talbot Trilogy, with games, prizes, and giveaways on July 7 from 12-5 pm:


Prizes and giveaways include:
Wind and Shadow bookmarks and pens
-a Wind and Shadow mug and magnet set
-a Wind and Shadow notebook and pen set,
-a Wind and Shadow key chain,
-1 Wind and Shadow t-shirt,
-3 sets of vampire bite removable tattoos (Vampirewear.com)
-a “blood”-filled fang necklace (Vampirewear.com)
-a mini-rose fang necklace (Vampirewear.com)
-5 free e-copies of Wind and Shadow,
-THREE signed print copies of Wind and Shadow: Book One of the Talbot Trilogy


PLUS: Every comment is an entry into a draw for the Mystery Prize! (hint: a special necklace only available from Vampirewear.com is included!) Note: If you live outside of Eastern Standard Time, don’t despair — you are eligible for this terrific gift box! (pics to come, she whispered mysteriously‚Ķ)


*note: event rescheduled as of June 26 to July 7

June 25 — 9 Days to the release of Wind and Shadow!

LogoColorNoText(Yes, I know I’ve had the countdown before. I am, at times, an unrelenting optimist.)

I’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic, lately. Listening to my (admittedly overly-long) playlist. Starting to look at Book Two again, which will pick up two weeks after the events of Book One. I’ve also been searching my boxes of notebooks madly for the original writing I did, seven years ago last month, while sitting with my five-month-old in an uninsulated counsellors’ cabin at a children’s camp, waiting for our house to be ready to move into . . .

Where did this book come from? Why was I crazy enough to pursue it?

Because it demanded to be told. And it wasn’t easy, though so many times I wished it was.

It came out of a memory of a road collapsing in Cobalt, Ontario, sometime after 1989. As far as I can tell, there aren’t any pictures of this event online, though I’m sure someone somewhere has a photo tucked away in an album.

And then, it was fed by my love of romance novels and vampires. The very first romance I ever remember reading was an historical fantasy by Robin Mckinley, called The Blue Sword (still one of my favourites — my first and only copy recently fell apart!), although the Anne of Green Gables and Little House on the Prairie series certainly qualify as bursting with the elements. While I enjoyed the flowery imagery of books about love, I was also drawn to the macabre and the gruesome, the weird and bizarre. I was a big fan of MAD magazine from the age of 10. And the first horrors I read — Salem’s Lot, Dracula, and Tales of the Cryptkeeper — had me hooked on ghost stories and other stories of the paranormal. Films followed, of course: The Watcher in the Woods, Friday the 13th, The Lost Boys, Interview with a Vampire, Dracula (again!), Army of Darkness, The Monster Squad, John Carpenter’s Vampires, and more recently, 30 Days of Night, Twilight, Blade, Underworld, Dawn of the Dead . . .

So when I started working on Wind and Shadow, I was thinking of all of these influences. It reflects and blends some of the qualities of these works, but is also my answer to certain ideas created by best-selling authors. I’m hoping it has the creepiness and sense of doom created by Stephen King in Salem’s Lot, but that the romance carries the reader into loving the protagonists as much as I do. I am a huge fan of the Twilight Saga, even though I don’t agree with some of the choices made by the characters, and so I worked on an opposite scenario. My vampires aren’t, by and large, sexy and stylish at all times. But the allure of vampirism for those whose lives are not ideal is there. What wouldn’t some of us do for eternal youth, rejuvenation, and strength?

A third element of my life and experiences also demanded to bring itself into this vision. I’m Wiccan, and a witch. I enjoy my craft, feel entirely at home in my spirituality, and I wanted a book that embraced it as much as the film Practical Magic. There are an increasing number of fictional books that incorporate Wicca and/or positive witchcraft, as opposed to the wicked witch trope, and I wanted to add to that body with my own work. I’m hoping that fellow Wiccans and witches, and the Pagan community in general, will enjoy seeing some of their beliefs reflected in the trilogy, but also that non-Pagans will enjoy it as well.

Finally, I realized a fourth influence was at work when I was going through the editing process. As a Canadian, I’m well aware that we aren’t always represented in modern romance or paranormal fiction. There are fantastic Canadian authors out there, but I haven’t read many that produce work in these genres. So I found myself guarding my Canadianisms fiercely. After all, the book takes place in Northeastern Ontario, deep in one of the cultural hearts of the nation. It’s almost tempting to make a count of the shout-outs to Canucks near and far!

I’m still in the planning stages for the release party, but I have goodies ready for giving away: a mug, a t-shirt, pens, notebooks, bookmarks, plus some vampire fang necklaces. My heart is starting to pound again with anticipation . . . Keep your fingers crossed that all goes well on June 25th!


Book Release, Interrupted

As I wait to see whether Wind and Shadow will be released tomorrow — it likely will be pushed back another few days, just to make sure that it is perfect — I’ve been catching up on my new favourite show, Castle, and contemplating the adventure I’ve begun. I never dreamed that getting this book together would take so much effort, and it’s only the first of the trilogy!

At times, I’ve even wondered why I was putting myself through all of this — endless rounds of edits, the frustration of finding errors that should have been so easy to pinpoint and fix the first time, communicating with my editor and publisher across a distance (and appreciating their time and patience in helping to tighten the manuscript) — on top of the stress and workload of my day job. And parenting. And supporting my spouse with what he needs and wants to do with his time.
When Wind and Shadow is released, I do hope that people enjoy it. I’m finding that having my first full novel coming out is more nerve-wracking than being part of an anthology. Thank goodness I have so many incredibly supportive friends. I don’t know what I’d do without them.

When I first started writing this novel, I knew it would be a trilogy because it wasn’t going to fit itself neatly into one volume. And as it took shape, I quickly realized I was writing my own answer to Twilight, a series I do enjoy but am also able to critique. But it is also a love letter to one of my favourite communities and regions in Ontario, an homage to a mythology I find absolutely fascinating, and it expresses my appreciation of an ancient spirituality.

Bear with me as the final bugs are worked out, and the book is finally introduced to the world. And stay in touch as I work through edits and revisions of Book 2, and write Book 3 (hopefully this summer).

It is my fervent wish and desire that whoever reads it (and loves vampires, witches, Halloween, magick, passion, and romance) will love it.

Cross your fingers that Wind and Shadow is ready for release this week!


We have a NEW date! Wind and Shadow: Book One of the Talbot Trilogy will be released May 31!

I’m so excited, all over again! Please plan to join me for the Release Party — details to be posted soon!


Just finished a short novel for Hallowe’en anthology!

In the middle of continuing the novel which follows Mist and Midnight (Midnight Thirsts Anthology, Melange Books), I took some time out last week to work on something completely different. I was beginning to experience some writer’s block and I have heard and read that many writers have more than one project on the go, so when a block happens they keep momentum. It works, at least for me. And now I have something to submit to my publisher for consideration in August, (after editing, of course), which is incredibly encouraging.

I also started going back through this full-length novel to revise, in order to avoid head-hopping. I am terribly guilty of this. But I remind myself that the first draft is to complete the story, get the ideas down, and then I can flesh it out. Well, I’m kind of combining things because as I revise, getting rid of the hopping, I am also fleshing, but it’s a great review of what I’ve already written. Getting my head back in the game, as it were. I wrote a brief action scene last week and I know where it’s going to go from there, but then I got stuck…wrote the Hallowe’en romance…started revising… See, I think revision might be my Achilles’ heel, I may have to mark the place where I left off and just keep moving forward, or I will never get it done! I have a four friends who are reading it as I go, helping me with feedback, and they are frustrated because I’ve left them hanging. Having readers is helpful, I think, because it pushes me to have that momentum. Jen, Kate, Sandi, Crystal, thank you so much!

One more quick note: I held my first printed paperback copy yesterday, which was awesome! Such a huge lift. I showed it to a few people (carefully, because it’s going to my friend Sandi with a message and signature), and that was amazing, so much fun! I may end up having a signing at a new local store, which has offered to carry some copies on their shelves. I am so pleased, it’s all so worthwhile.

And the Hallowe’en romance scared my mom when she read…that’s kind of fun, too. Love you, Mom.