March Madness

Starting to feel more like myself again, this evening. I ended up dragging myself into work today, and while it wasn’t great, my colleagues were solicitous and my students were pretty good. I feel like I had deflated and now some air is coming back into my form. It’s a weird kind of comparison, but there it is.

During the two days I was in bed, we had fresh snowfall that was thick enough to cause some of my friends to wonder whether there would be another bus cancellation this week. Ha-ha! Says Mom Nature — not so fast! We’re in March, now, bitches! March is a tricksy month. I noticed a change in the breeze on Monday, just a measure of difference between frigid and merely cool. And the warmth of the sun is definitely there.

I tend to get frustrated during this month of the year, because a lot of advertising on TV and in magazines and whatnot is focused on getting ready for spring. Lots of pics of lawn mowers and tulips and green grass and butterflies. We’ll get those in another month or so. Just have to be patient. And really, it’s best to remember the patience, because if the snow melts too soon or too quickly, our regionĀ finds itself at higher risk for forest fires. We get the piles of white stuff that we do for a reason. And as much as I am getting tired of the same bright blank landscape day after day, I’m not overly anxious to start picking up the poopsicles dotting the backyard. They’re like gross mockeries of chocolate chips in vanilla ice-cream. I’d much rather be skiing.

I’m so glad we invested in the ski memberships this year. It was tight on the budget (more than tight, to be perfectly honest) but it was (and continues to be) really, really good for myself and the kids to get out on the weekends and enjoy the snow instead of staring at it and wishing it would go away. It’s too bad that Hubby isn’t able to enjoy it, too, but he doesn’t mind being our Chalet Bunny, especially since he can only come out once in a while, when he isn’t working. I do wish he’d get his knee surgery looked after, but all in good time, I suppose. I don’t think he’s ever really been one for skiing, actually, and that’s fine, too.

Anyway . . . in another week we’ll be into our Spring Break. Hordes of teenagers will be travelling south on their “S” Trip to parent-and-guardian-free paradise, while others will be staying here and I’ll probably see them on the slopes. I’m hoping, that week, to get a handle on this cluttered horror zone of a house. Plus do some creative writing. Bunch of stuff.

Confession: This might seem a bit weird (but since when is anything I write NOT weird?) but as much as I want to play guitar, I don’t like the idea of getting the calluses on my fingers. I have a hard enough time not picking at my cuticles and nails — can you imagine the mess I would or could be getting myself into with blisters and lumps to pick at, too? And what about knitting? Wouldn’t calluses pull at the yarn? No more soft touch! I will admit, the idea of the calluses is holding me back a lot from learning more chords. Well, that and being lazy and tired when I get home from work.

The forecast tomorrow is calling for a bit of snowfall again, but it should be warmer than it has been. According to Environment Canada, we have just experienced the coldest February in 115 years of record-keeping. Makes sense. The question is: how quickly will it warm up through the next few weeks? It was warm enough the other day for one of my friends and colleagues (frieneague? collend?) to actually hang out her laundry! It’s going to be so nice to be able to open up the windows for a few hours, air out the house from all its winter staleness, especially in that short period between above-zero C and mosquito breeding season, when we don’t have to worry about certain windows lacking mesh screens . . . really need to get on that this year, too.