Stress levels rising . . . so I putter with happy-making things.

The field trip to Ottawa ComicCon is right around the corner. One more day. I have to pack tomorrow night, meet up with my mother halfway between our respective houses so she and my dad can look after the 9 year old for the weekend, make sure to remind all of the students to bring snacks, pillows, and chargers on the bus, and on the very quick, get information from the place where we’re staying so that the secretary of our school can cut the cheque before we go.

Yeah. Had a SNAFU with the accommodations. It’s almost cleared up now, but I was close to panicking, thinking we were going to end up bedding down in a former student’s apartment instead of where we are actually going. Wasn’t for lack of trying on my part — I didn’t want to call every day and make them not want to help me out, so I was contacting them once a week for the last month, and we just got the contract for the rooms TODAY.

Stress stress stress stress . . .

No movement on my cosplay plan, although I still have time to put something together. I’m likely going to be Miss Foster from “Partners in Crime”, but for that, I’ll need to bleach my hair blonde again. Not sure I want to spend the money on that, even if I can find the time after school (and IF a hairdresser has time for me. Takes a good two hours to get the dark brown out of my locks!) between getting my Bridget ready for Grandma and Poppa’s house and making sure Jack gets to karate, plus, I still have to pick up crickets for Elizabeth.

Meanwhile, I’m getting peppered with questions, too, about current events regarding teachers in the news. In a small town, when you regularly go to the same shops and Tim Hortons and the staff knows you, they feel comfortable in asking what’s going on. Even if I knew, I wouldn’t be able to say anything, but I don’t, and I can’t. Frustrating.

Stress stress stress stress . . .

So in the middle of all of this, I finished my Daredevil fan video after school. I’m not 100% satisfied with it, but for a first go, it’s not bad, IMHO. And it pleases me that there is now a video online that pairs up Matt Murdock with Corey Hart’s epic 80s song, “Sunglasses at Night”, because whenever I watch an episode, that’s one of the pop culture references I keep thinking over. I went hunting for a video that combined the two, but finding none, I made my own.

Good way to kill some hours and try to lower the stress levels.

I’ve noticed, too, that off and on, over the last six weeks or so, whenever my resolve on this trip has wavered or I’ve made a decision to stay positive about it, a song comes on the radio that bolsters my spirits. So I’ve downloaded it on iTunes, for when I need the boost. It suits the mood of taking kids to Ottawa ComicCon completely. I’ve also had kids ask me if I’m going to do it again next year, because if I am, they’re very interested.

Something else has been helping a little bit, too. I chose Danny Wallace’s book Yes Man for my grade 11 College English novel study this semester, and it’s such a positive read about taking chances and pursuing opportunity, it really is infectious to think over an option and say, “Why not?” (Soooo tempted to just plunge back into being blonde tomorrow after school!!!) Helps to keep things in perspective. Like the prospect of being in charge of 17 young adults on a three day trip to our national capital.

Breathe, breathe, breathe . . . I’ve done this before. It’s not that bad. The students are responsible, even the youngest (who’s partnered up with my own child, who will be in contact with me). They’ll be in a contained environment (except for our afternoon / evening walk in downtown Ottawa — eek!). Breathe, breathe, breathe . . . and I’m not going alone, I’ve got a male chaperone and his wife coming with, sharing the head-counting, etc.

You know what gets me through the pressure of this the most? It’s the positive attitudes and gratitude and enthusiasm of the kids. Last year, when I took a group (almost all the same students!) to see Night of the Living Dead Live! in Toronto, a few of them thanked me profoundly, over and over, for bringing them to the city for the show. One or two of them I hadn’t expected that from at all, not from any flaw in their individual characters, just — it wasn’t expected, and it was really very nice.

Still, whenever I do a trip like this, I don’t sleep well for the last few nights beforehand, or during the event. I’ll crash off and on during the week afterward, though.

Let’s go, indeed. I almost wish I could hit fast-forward on tomorrow, so I wouldn’t have to experience all this last-minute stuff, and just find myself happily on the bus, halfway to Ottawa. I need a montage! Where’s my flash of scenes pushing me through?


A moment of sadness, too, that it turns out Billie Piper isn’t going to be there on the Saturday and Sunday when we are there. So I am a little disappointed I won’t get a chance to meet her, get the autograph, maybe a photo, and so is my boy, for the same reasons. But there are so many other awesome things to do, see, and try, and so many other incredible people to meet as well — breathe breathe breathe . . . stress stress stress . . .

My thoughts on Marvel’s Daredevil (Netflix)

1) The first costume — Matt Murdock’s “work in progress” — takes me back to the Dread Pirate Roberts over and over again. I keep expecting him to pop out a British accent instead of Batman’s growl. I enjoy the costume that he eventually puts together, but the pirate look . . . damn!

2) Karen Page is a terrific character because she fights so hard for what she wants and needs. She doesn’t just cry and bemoan, protest and beg — she literally fights back, picking her moment for the surprise attack, defending herself from her assailants. I dig that about her.

3) I like the use of colour in symbolism, and this show has it in loads. Hubby and son binge-watched it both together and separately last weekend (kind of racing each other to see who could finish it first!), and I slept a lot instead of watching with them, so this week I’ve been reading up on different articles before viewing it myself, and one of those articles mentioned the colours. Absolutely true, and key to the storytelling. Love it.

4) I love that this Daredevil takes place post-Phase 2 Avengers, with references to the battle in the skies above New York City, and the rebuilding of the damage caused by the invasion and the Avengers’ defence. Very cool. Expanded universes make me happy.

5) As much as I love watching a hero at work, kicking ass without taking names (and feel for the nameless minions who get taken down again and again), it’s watching the protagonist powering through psychological and physical injuries until the job gets done that really fascinates me. It’s what I love about Spider-man, and James Fraser, and Tony Stark. That being said, I’m feeling bereft of a female hero who will do all of the same things. I used to love watching Xena, and indeed, my hubby bought me season 1 recently to re-watch, but I can only watch so much of that before its campiness gets to me. Where is Elektra’s show? Why can’t we get a Wonder Woman on Netflix?

If I could afford it, I’d be all over producing something with a strong female lead. Someone like Sarah Walker on Chuck, maybe, or Zohie on Firefly, or Kate Beckett on Castle, but with fewer high heels — let’s be honest, here, folks. Heels may look awesome and powerful and I love them for that, but practically, no. If you spend all your crime-fighting time on your toes, you’re going to be crippled by bunions and blisters after a week.

So, thumbs up for Daredevil. Now, go and do the same thing but with the other gender, please. Anna Kendrick in the lead, maybe? She’s got a hell of a right hook. Or Rebel Wilson. (Been on a Pitch Perfect bender this week again — can you tell?)

il_570xN.371904658_28ucUPDATE: Okay, so a fast-reading old friend of mine has informed me that it’s happening! Elektra is coming to screen (so THAT’s what David Tennant has been up to as the Purple Man!) in AKA Jennifer Jones, plus others are lined up. This blogger is pleased. Now, about those heels, though . . .